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August 16, 2010
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Prosper grumpily banged his feet against the solid wood of the examination table he was sitting atop. He knew his mother was ignoring him, and, even worse, not even bothering to hide it, sitting across the room reading one of the many magazines that where piled on the small tables. He hated going to the doctor. Dr. Knowles always ruffled his hair too hard and talked too loud. If he told Prosper that he had to get a shot he was going to run for it. Stubbornly continuing to glare at his oblivious mother, he clenched his fingers around the edges of the table and waited for the stupid doctor to come in.

However, when the door finally did open, instead of seeing the large, obnoxious, slightly balding old man that he had come to expect, he was faced with- unexpectedly- the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, with long brown hair and a pretty face.

"Hey there, Prosper," she said with a smile that lit up her face, "I'm Jane. Dr. Knowles is on vacation right now, so I'm going to be helping you out today."

Prosper didn't answer, staring at her wordlessly with his mouth hanging open. He looked quickly over at his mother, silently begging her to take the doctor's attention off of him. His mother just smiled and lifted the magazine higher to cover her face.

"So, you're six now, Prosper?" Jane asked him, the smile still present on her face as her eyes scanned the paper on her clipboard. Prosper nodded, a blush working it's way up his neck, and looked at the floor. Despite the doctor's attempt to draw him into a conversation about what he was learning at school, he was silent for the rest of the check-up, occasionally sneaking his head up to look at her once more- inevitably jerking his head back down when Jane caught him staring.

  Once the examination was over, the doctor cheerfully informed Prosper that he didn't need to get a shot that day, and Prosper was silently astonished. Pretty, nice, and wasn't going to give him a shot? He had been debating throughout the examination, but he now concluded that the only way to describe this feeling was love. Which meant there was only one thing left to do, something Mommy told him happened when two people were in love.

"Will you marry me?" He blurted out, blushing furiously, but face upturned hopefully. Jane had been writing notes carefully on her clipboard, but at Prosper's proposal a large grin came over her face and she bent over a little so she could look Prosper in the eye.

"I would love to, Prosper, but I'm already taken." She informed him, holding up her left hand to show him the ring glittering there.

"Okay." Prosper mumbled, the word barely legible, his face bright red. His mother had one hand over her mouth to cover up a smile, and Jane and her exchanged a look Prosper couldn't read. Jane brightly informed him that he was healthy, fit, and, she added with a wink, quite handsome.

"I probably won't see you for a while, Prosper," she told him, "Dr. Knowles should be back by your next appointment, but it was nice to get to know you," She left the room then, giving him and his mother one last smile as she went.

"Well, you are growing up fast, aren't you, Pros?" His mother said as they walked out to their car. Prosper, on the other hand, was contemplating something completely different. Jane had said Dr. Knowles would be back soon, but if Prosper, say... broke a bone in the next couple days, he would probably see her again. A broken bone was a small price for love, wasn't it?
D'AWW PUPPY LOVE :iconhurrplz:

if you didn't know, this is the second installment in a five part story about the five times Prosper fell in love, or thought he did. if you havent read the first, you can do that here> [link]

also, a lot of people have said that they like the idea of the whole "five times Prosper fell in love, or thought he did", so i've got a challenge for you all with your own OCs :D

aaaaaand here's the challenge!
write a five part story about your character(s) with one of the following prompts:
:) five times (insert character name here) fell in love, or thought he (she) did.
:) four times (insert character name here) cheered someone up, and the one time he (she) needed cheering up.
:) four times (insert character name here) said the wrong thing, and the one time he (she) said exactly the right thing.
:) five times (insert character name here) made (other character name here) cry.
(with this one, you could do a different emotion for each time they cried- happy, angry, frustrated, sad, etc.)

...and then give me a link because you're all awesome and I'm sure your stories will be the same :hug:

Prosper, Jane @ ~AndThenYou
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BTW: should be a hyphen btwn "five" and "part" (just sayin :D)
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This is amazing. I once was tempted to ask my kindergarten teacher's husband to marry me. He was a substitute teacher when I was in elementary school and I had the biggest crush on him.
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it takes alot to get me to laugh aloud when i read something but this definitely did it XD i can't get over how believable your characters are and how you get in the mind of an ignorant six-year-old boy and execute it so well VERY funny and i like your writing style too ^^
Gryffindorstimelord Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeee!
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